Virtual Training That Leads To Results

Live Online Learning

“Going virtual helped me stay focused because I was in a comfortable environment— breaks were placed just right, and I didn’t have to commute anywhere.”

-Jennifer Pecor, MSMOB, Organizational Learning Consultant, Advocate Health Care


To meet the unique needs and demands of the modern learner, training solutions need to be engaging, accessible from any location, and most of all, effective. On all accounts, VitalSmarts Live Online training delivers.

Our research shows 86 percent of participants rated VitalSmarts Live Online training “just as engaging as” or “more engaging than” live classroom training. And when it comes to results, behavior change from a virtual course was immediate. In fact, participants’ use of newly learned skills was no different between the Live Online and live classroom.

Meet modern learners where they are with VitalSmarts Live Online training solutions.

VitalSmarts Solutions Available in Live Online Training:


Virtual Classroom

The perfect solution for those who prefer an instructor-led classroom experience, but are limited because of distance or scheduling demands.


social Learning

Groups of two or more participants work together in virtual breakouts to practice the skills on the spot.

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Live Feedback

Learners practice skills and get feedback in the moment from both their peers and their trainer.

“I loved the Live Online platform. It was extremely easy
to navigate, ask questions and stay engaged.”

– Rachel Klemens CHG Healthcare Services

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