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Productivity with Purpose

Manage Workflow, Attention, and Focus

Increase Engagement and Execution

Improve Productivity and Performance

Based on the iconic bestseller by David Allen, the skills taught in Getting Things Done® have been shown to relieve cognitive load, allow for increased focus, even result in optimal experience and peak performance.

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Achieve Purposeful Productivity

Getting Things Done (GTD®) isn’t only about getting things done. The real promise of GTD is efficient engagement. It’s productivity with presence and purpose. Download the course overview to learn how the GTD skills help individuals and organizations improve efficiency and productivity while reducing stress and burnout.

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Enhance Work Productivity

Learn a methodology for freeing up attention to focus on strategic projects and tasks.

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Improve Time Management

Develop a personalized system that integrates lists and calendars by context for efficient use of time and attention.

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Turn Chaos into Control

Manage the constant flow of requests, tasks, and interruptions experienced at every turn of work and life.


Whether experienced Live Online or Live in-person, GTD goes beyond productivity tips and teaches a personal workflow management system through instruction, application, and coaching.

Productivity Pays

Combining David Allen’s research with VitalSmarts’ powerful and proven instructional design, Getting Things Done has helped training graduates and clients improve efficiency, workplace productivity, engagement, and more.


Nine of ten GTD graduates report permanently changing a time-management behavior. They also report that their new time management skills save them an average of 21 to 40 minutes EACH DAY.


VitalSmarts research shows people who use the GTD skills are 55 times less likely to say they start projects that never get finished and 18 times less likely to say they often feel overwhelmed.


At Qualtrics, 100% of GTD graduates improved their ability to hit deadlines and deliver on commitments. And 96% said GTD helped them improve their daily effectiveness or ability to execute and stay on course.


At MasterControl, 80% of GTD graduates said they are better at processing their email inbox. They also reported a strong correlation between their new GTD skills and a positive trend in customer feedback.


Teams that have a shared process for managing and executing work foster cultures of trust and engagement. At Menlo Innovations, the GTD skills not only generated results, but also reduced stress and increased joy in the workplace.

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"Getting Things Done Training is very applicable to work, home, and life. I feel motivated that I can 'get control' of my inputs. During training I loved that I got to use my actual to-do lists for my exercises—very applicable."

—Jennifer Roberson, Senior Talent and Leadership Development Manager, Stinnett & Associates

"We love GTD Training. It has been really impactful for our organization in terms of stress management—it really helps people be more present in their lives because they feel a sense of control and organization when implementing the tools and system. It usually fills up in less than 15 minutes when we offer it, a good sign!"

—Sarah Barnhart, Senior Human Resources Manager, Stryker

"GTD has made an impact on in-tact teams in our organization. Some teams I've trained have completely revamped the tools they use for tasks so they can all be on the same page or easily pick up tasks for each other when colleagues are out of town. They have also completely shifted the way they conduct meetings. It has made a huge difference for their productivity and team culture."

—Celia Cockfield, Senior Associate, Organizational Development, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Are you looking for team or individual training?

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Productivity is a Team Effort

Organizational success requires the attention and skill of every team member. Research shows that when just one or two team members make even small fumbles, team productivity is cut by an average of 24 percent. On the other hand, teams that have a shared process for managing workflow foster trust, engagement, and efficiency.

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This on-demand, self-paced course offers 5–7 hours of online instruction and 60 days of access. Get 12 months of access with 5 or more participants.

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The virtual, instructor-led course is delivered in two-hour learning blocks over four days by a VitalSmarts Master Trainer or internal certified trainer.

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This one-day (6 hours) classroom experience can be delivered by a VitalSmarts Master Trainer or internal certified trainer.

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Ready to bring Getting Things Done to your organization? Complete the form to speak with a client advisor.


Certification is the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement a VitalSmarts course in your organization. As a certified trainer, you can customize the training to meet your specific needs—whether you’re training a team or an entire organization.

Change the Way You Engage with Work and Life

Are you always busy, but rarely productive? Do you start your day with good intentions and finish your day further behind? Are you letting others (or yourself) down because you can’t follow through on commitments? If you are falling victim to work overload, workplace chaos, and overwhelming anxiety, this training is for you.

Learn how to increase focus on the most meaningful work, organize information, prioritize commitments, create mental space for innovation, and achieve stress-free productivity.

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  • Enroll today in our on-demand course and get immediate access to all course materials.
  • 5–7 hours of online instruction. Start any time and learn at your own pace over 60 days.
  • $195/person.
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  • The Live Online course combines the convenience of online training and live instruction with a VitalSmarts expert facilitator. The course is taught in four two-hour sessions.
  • $895/person.
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READ THE Bestseller

Getting Things Done brings together decades of research to introduce a gold mine of productivity tips and strategies for getting a lot more accomplished with much less effort.