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How to Set Boundaries with a Parent

Your advice for dealing with conflict often involves trying to see the other person as “reasonable and rational.” But what if this person is clearly not reasonable and rational. What if they are simply unable to listen, to reason, and to carry out any kind of agreement on how to “get along”? What if they can neither conceive of nor agree to “ground rules”?


How to Know if You’re Experiencing Age Discrimination

I am 63½ and considering retirement next year. The key word here is “considering.” I have not finalized my decision. Recently my supervisor asked if I was over 60 and if I was going to retire. It caught me off guard. I mentioned that I was concerned that talking about retirement would label me as a “short-timer” and limit my ability to further my training and projects. I told her I had seen this happen to others in the company. I assured her I was not planning to retire this year and the discussion was dropped.


How to Keep Politics Out of the Workplace

In this short video, Joseph Grenny offers three tips for keeping political conversations out of the workplace. Confirm whether it’s a problem. You might run a survey to see how many have been affected by political conversations and determine whether a sizable portion of your team would like to see […]