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The Cornerstone of
Organizational Culture

Master the Art of Accountability

Improve Relationships and Results

Build a Culture of Ownership

Accountability marks the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and organizations. As people improve in their ability to hold one another accountable, they also improve trust, efficiency, engagement, and performance.

Crucial Accountability Training

Foster Accountability
in the Workplace

Learn a straightforward, step-by-step process for resolving performance problems, strengthening trust and reliability, and eliminating inconsistency. Download the course overview to review the course skills and training options.

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Master Performance Discussions

Learn how to tap into motivation and ability to close gaps between expected behavior and actual behavior.

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Manage Projects Without Taking Over

Learn how to hold peers accountable to standards, objectives, and timelines without nagging or meddling.

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Resolve Behavioral Problems

Resolve performance problems, bad behavior, and violated expectations in a way that is supportive rather than coercive.


Whether experienced Live Online or Live in-person, participants learn to foster personal accountability in self and others through instruction, reflection, practice, and coaching.

Accountability in Action

Anyone who relies on the efforts of others to get things done will benefit from attending Crucial Accountability. Individuals and organizations report improvements in trust, ownership, engagement, performance, and more.


San Antonio School District saw a 50% drop in grievances.


Dallas Housing Authority eliminated silos between departments and helped employees take initiative to resolve conflicts with their supervisors.


Pride International improved their total incident rate by 55% and reported zero accidents that required employees to miss time on the job.


St. Joseph’s Healthcare reported reduction in sick leave from 15 to 12 days per full-time employee, and employee satisfaction rates were 64% higher than provincial average.


Orkin reported an 8% decrease in turnover, and Pride International decreased turnover by 40%.


"Crucial Accountability showed management how to stop avoiding conflict and helped them recognize that holding others accountable is healthy."

— Ardie Harrison, Vice President of Human Resources, Dallas Housing Authority

"Crucial Accountability gives leaders simple, effective tools to address tough problems and move to resolution."

—Quint Studer, CEO, Studer Group

"Crucial Accountability has changed my life. My stress levels have been reduced, my employees are much happier, and I have secured the cooperation of several people who are ‘difficult.’"

—Pamela Popper, The Wellness Forum

Are you looking for team or individual training?

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Elevate your team

Most people hesitate to discuss peer performance problems like improper shortcuts, poor attention to detail, and incomplete work. And the longer they take to speak up, the worse things get. Crucial Accountability gives people the skills to say something when they see something, to elevate team members and close the gap between expectations and performance. Choose the learning format that best meets the needs of your team or organization.

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The virtual, instructor-led course is delivered in two-hour learning blocks over five days by a VitalSmarts Master Trainer or internal certified trainer.

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This classroom experience can be delivered by a VitalSmarts Master Trainer or internal certified trainer, available as a one-day (7 hours) or two-day (14 hours) course.

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Ready to bring Crucial Accountability to your organization? Complete the form to speak with a client advisor.


Certification is the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement a VitalSmarts course in your organization. As a certified trainer, you can customize the training to meet your specific needs—whether you’re training a team or an entire organization.

Become a Better Leader

Are you a manager or leader? Develop the skills that top leaders exhibit. Learn to foster personal accountability, build trust and teamwork, and improve performance. Enroll now and discover the life-changing skills of Crucial Accountability.

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  • The Live Online course combines the convenience of online training and live instruction with a VitalSmarts expert facilitator. The course is taught in two-hour learning blocks over five days.
  • $1595/person.
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With more than half a million copies sold, Crucial Accountability continues to improve the health of relationships, teams, and organizations worldwide.